Her View–The Beginning….

January 9, 2010

They say, hindsight is 20/20–but still, sometimes you look back and you can clearly see exactly at one point in time your life changed. Those are the times when something happens and you ‘remember where you were when….’.

We all have them, the day John F. Kennedy was shot; 9/11; the death of Michael Jackson; the notification of an ill parent…you know what I am talking about. But my life changed the day I received an email from the principal of the Tala Elementary School. A school in Tala, India. My mother had been going there for years, Tala is the town associated with the Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve..one of the places on earth you can see tigers in the wild. The people living in the town rely on the tourists to support their fragile and precarious economy.

My mother stays for a month or so at the White Tiger Forest Lodge, and has done so for the past 15 years or so. She knows the managers, hotel workers, village people on an indivicual basis, and the principal of the school is no exception. Often, on her walks around the village, she would stroll past the school, drop in for a chat, and kill some time. Then, she casually mentioned, that her daughter was an English teacher who loved to travel. The principal of the school jumped on this opportunity to request that I go over and volunteer at his school for a time period in the summer–they desperately needed some instructional english teachers….she happily gave him my email address….and the day I got that email: March 14, 2008–is the day my life changed.


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