Her View: On Loaves and Fishes and Uniforms Appearing out of nowhere…

January 14, 2010

Since Immy started the praise for my church, and their generous giving, I have to take this opportunity to echo my  sentiments of gratitude. They gave willingly, and freely, and never questioned my use of the money. They just trusted me to do the right thing with it. That meant a lot. I am now taking this opportunity to shamelessly plug my denomination!

The morning that we distributed the uniforms was the most humbling and sobering event that I have ever participated in. The students knew we were coming, and they would run out to the compound to see if we were going to be coming into THEIR classroom. The excitement and energy was palpable. We only had 100 uniforms though, and sadly that was not enough to go around. We had to choose wisely, and like a judge and jury make decisions that could, when you think about it….affect the rest of their lives. Who is to say that whether or not a child got a uniform that day, would alter their life path? Certainly not me. I choose to beleive that any act of goodness or evil has a definate ripple effect, and who is to say where these ripples would end up?

So, unfortunately, not all the kids who needed a uniform, got one….but there is one child who recieved a uniform, not from me, but from God. I firmly and whole heartedly believe what happened was divine intervention, although Immy might think otherwise.

Let me tell you the story.

The 100 uniforms were brought into the office of the principal, and sorted by M, F, and various sizes. Our helper, a former student by the name of Vedant was assisting us in carrying and delivering the uniforms to the respective classes. Piles of 10-12 uniforms were carried into each class, and there, given out. The kids would watch the pile nervously as they saw it diminish, and then looked around at the number of kids in the class yet to recieve a uniform. You could almost see them counting the kids, counting the pile, counting the kids , counting the number in the pile…like hungry animals. I got nervous as well, but most of the time it all kind of balanced out.

Kids waiting for uniforms….

However, in one class the little children were all sitting lined up against the stone wall of their classroom. It was a row of boys, maybe 8-10 years old–age is hard to judge because of poor nutrition. We had a pile of boys uniforms, and there must have been 10-15 kids sitting waiting for their turn to recieve one.

Things were going well, we gave them out to each of the kids down the row–but the pile was rapidly diminishing, and there were still a number of boys left, waiting, lined up against that stone wall. You could start to see the desperation on their faces as they looked at the pile, then looked down the row to see if there would be enough.

There wasn’t. Of course. There is never enough. One boy was left…one desperate, poor, lonely little kid, one kid in the row!!! We had just run out, we were ONE SHORT. I was frantic. I started to cry…how could this be? This poor kid. Frantically I issued a prayer to God…Pleading him to magically conjure up a uniform for this kid. I had Vedant race back to the office to see if there were any more uniforms that perhaps got misplaced…he came back empty handed. The boy just sat there, looking at us with these huge eyes, and I felt such despair for him…yes, I know it was just a uniform, but it was so much MORE than that..it was a symbol of something else. It was a symbol of HOPE. I prayed again, urging God to intervene…that somehow, somewhere we would find just ONE more uniform…I told Vedant to go BACK to the office, and please CHECK AGAIN….and I am telling you now, that he came back with one boys uniform.

He found one. It had just appeared on the desk in the office, when 5 minutes earlier, it was not there.

The joy on that kids face as Immy handed him the uniform is impossible to write about.  I would not do it justice.

Immy thinks it was a coincidence, or a fluke, or just an oversight. I dont care. I know what it was. It was a miracle.


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