A Club is Born…..

February 9, 2010

The rest of the time that we spent at Bandhavgarh with the students, Mohan and Raju from the White Tiger Forest Lodge, and with the school staff,  our belief and commitment to try to continue to make a difference in the lives of these people was solidified.  It was not so much that they needed our help because they were incapable on their own–clearly they were resourceful and making do–it was more about the fact that we were fortunate enough, by the grace of God to be born in countries that had an infrastructure of good health care, available opportunities, and a thriving education system. It was more a matter of sharing the wealth.

The day we left, we promised to return!

When we got back to our countries–the UK and Canada a few weeks later, we got an email from a young man who came to the school when we were there, for the sole purpose of practice in speaking English. He was eager to utilize the opportunity to hear English spoken, to practice speaking, and to make connections. His name is Vedant.

Much to our shock and delight, Vedant told us in that email, that based on the work that he saw us doing, he had decided that he was going to start an “Anti-Malaria Club”, whose mandate would be to spread the word about malaria, proper hygiene practices and health education to the people of his community.

He told us the names of all the students that were part of the Club, and while we didnt connect faces with names at the time, we certainly recognized the students from the photos!

The Bandhavgarh Anti-Malaria Club is Born!

The Club in Action!

We  left Bandhavgarh in August of 2008, and returned July 2009. During that time, the Club was active in establishing a groundwork of goals and objectives for their focus. In conjunction with a local Doctor, the Principal of the School, and local government, the Club was key in cleaning up the community grounds, educating the people of Tala and surrounding villages, and encouraging Immy and I to raise more funds locally for mosquito nets!

This was truly an example of how none of our acts or labours operate in isolation. The ripple effect was clearly evident here, our simple act of going to Tala, and teaching English….fostered this young man to make a difference in HIS community–which in turn, encouraged OTHERS to join in. Now, the Anti-Malaria Club of Bandhavgarh, has over 20 members, and they continue to educate and inform the people of their community.

We are very proud of them.

The Club Members 2009

The power of the Ripple Effect…


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