Bandhavgarh Anti-Malaria Club

February 14, 2010

After a bit of a struggle with the name, and the positions of President/Vice President etc…The Bandhavgarh Anti-Malaria Club was formed!

The photo above was taken in the fall of 2008–even though the black and white aspect makes it look like something out of the 1950’s.

Through regular correspondance with emails, the mandate and focus of the club was established: Namely to spread the word about preventing malaria, proper hygience practices, and community clean-up.

This young, vibrant group of students had, at its start a mission and a goal–to teach the poorest of the poor in the outlying villages and to provide each family with rudimentary malaria education, thereby possibly preventing another death due to this fatal yet preventable disease.

Since that time, the focus has grown to include anti-malaria education, hygeine practices, medical information, community improvement and pre-natal health!!

The club also is planning to apply for  Registration as an official Club of India. This will provide them with access to more resources than what can be gleaned just by the payment of club dues, and donations. The club now contains girls and boys–something I am very proud of…as often, girls from Asian communities are more comfortable to stay in the background and let the males take over!! Needless to say, I encouraged their involvement!


From July 2008 to July 2009, the club was active in their mandate. They made badges, banners and gathered statisics on local deaths due to malaria, they kept records which included the names of the families that were officially classified as ‘poor’ ( which, as you can imagine–by Indian standards is a bit different than the western standard) and the number of children present in the home.

Likewise, Immy and I were busy making plans to return in the summer of 2009 but this time bringing money collected from church groups for the purchase of–not uniforms this time–but mosquito nets for distribution to the poor families in the villages! Knowing that we were returning gave the kids momentum and by the time we arrived in July they were eager to show us what they had accomplished…and we were eager to get going with net distribution!!


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