Spreading the Nets

April 15, 2010

We had many nets to deliver, and many homes to visit. We set off excitedly, the kids from the club, Immy and myself; in jeeps that we had hired for the day. The plan was to visit the homes, explain why the net was important, and malarial prevention ideas. Always, the first line of defense is ‘do not get bitten’–a fact that I found somewhat amusing, as these people for all intents and purposes, lived outside. Permanent Camping, with no Winabego! Their homes had no doors, no windows, no screens, no glass…they were mud huts. How could they possibly ‘not get bitten?’

You can only do so much however, so in each home,  we went through the general prevention guidelines. No standing water, gasoline on the puddles to prevent breeding, use of nets, smoke in the evening, to discourage mosquitos etc. As some of the kids from the club would talk, the rest of the group put up the nets in the homes–while the children watched–fascinated.

From home to home we went–talking, tying the net, explaining–hoping that the minute we left, they did not take the net down and sell it, or use it as a fishing net, hoping that this simple net could save a life.

Connecting with the elderly.

Use of the net is demonstated

So the day went, and the next day. Each home, each family benefiting from the work of a few individuals.

I like to think that now, almost  a year later, that if I were to go into the homes, I would see those nets, always protecting the most vulnerable–the children and the elderly.

I hope so.


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