Will I stay or will I go?

January 7, 2011

So my return trip to India got off to a rocky start, I was stuck in that ‘airport shut down, nothing you can do about it ‘game. I get to the airport Friday, December 17th, only to find out my scheduled flight from Toronto to Amsterdam was cancelled–as my plane never left Amsterdam. What followed was spending hours on the phone with a myriad of airline reps ( who I firmly believe were all in cahoots to prevent me from flying anywhere) I got nowhere. The best I could do was a flight out via Paris, on Monday December 21. Saturday and Sunday were very surreal–kind of lost time..here -but not really.I just holed up, checked weather reports, and googled ” airport closures” too many times to count.

Monday, I was all set to go Toronto/Paris/Delhi –only to find out that THIS time, Paris was snowed in, and my plane from Toronto would be delayed by 6 hours. This meant that I was going to miss my Paris/Delhi flight. The next flight from Paris to Delhi was on the 28th of December….seeing as I would have to come home, 2 days later–that seemed pointless. Airlines were cancelling people’s holidays all over the place. However, because I was a single person, and just needed one seat, they could get me Toronto/Paris/Paris/Moscow/Moscow/Delhi….an overall journey that would take 2 full travelling days. I was a bit freaked out about taking a Russian jet ( I mean come on, have YOU heard of Aeroflot?) but I had no choice, so on Dec. 22nd at 1am Canadian Time I set off.
I loved it.
I felt like such an adventurer—off to see the world, on my own.
I didnt even care that i had to spend 9 hours in Moscow at the airport…i was just moving, and thats when I am happiest.
Moscow airport was weird. The people are weird. The airport is weird. The people were just plain mean, and the prices were astronomical. I paid 18$ for two coffees and a water. ( and that was after I resisted buying anything until I got the point where I would sell my soul for a latte)
Paris airport was not much better, but at least the prices were in Euros…I understood euros. Russion Rubles?? At first glance I had no idea how much that coffee and water was costing me. ( sometimes ignorance is bliss!)

Anyway, 2.5 days later, I arrive in Delhi at midnight. Excited, scared and invigorated. My business gets fought over at the taxi stand, and an hour later, I arrive at my hotel. Dodgy to say the least, but still, its India, and if you are polite you can get anything–so after I got my room sorted ( sheets for the bed and a towel) I settled down to a fitful sleep.
The next day, I took a train to 15 hour train ride to Tala, luckily I had a sleeper car, so I just holed up, and went to sleep. I was the happiest I had been in eons.
15 hours later, I arrive at my destination, and rendezvoused with my mom. Needless to say, she was very very happy to see me, especially as it looked like I was never going to meet up with her!!!


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