The Corbett Foundation and the Bandhavgarh Anti-Malaria Club Join Hands

January 27, 2011

Upon my arrival in Tala, the representatives of the Anti-Malaria Group were there to meet me, as usual. After my long long journey, they were a very welcome sight. We exchanged pleasantries and scheduled our first official meeting.
I had never been to the White Tiger Forest Lodge when the Park was open, and I must say what an incredible difference the Park makes to the hustle and bustle of the village and hotel. It was hoppin’!!! I was reminded that a whole economy was dependant on the tiger–and if it goes, Tala would become just another remote indian village, forgotten in time.
The meeting with the Anti-Malaria Club group took place that evening at 4pm. In my absence the club has been very busy connecting with the villages, offering free medical care and regular visits to the school.
One of the club members, is a homeopathic doctor who has recently been employed with the Corbett Foundation.

He works closely with the Anti-Malaria Club and this partnership increases the impact of the Club because now they have direct access to the needs and conditions of the tribals in the area. If the Club continues to join hands with the Corbett Foundation, they increase the scope and the impact of their efforts–and thats a pretty good thing.

In our meeting, we discussed the current needs of the people, and it was unanimously decided that since it was so cold out, that the money would be used to buy thick, woolen blankets and not mosquito nets this time. It is about meeting the needs of the people after all.
The blankets were estimated to cost around 4.50$ each, so we figured that with the money available, we should be able to purchase around…100 blankets. I felt pleased that we would be impacting 100 families. Pleased that little children would be able to be warm tomorrow night…and that old people would not need to feel the chill in their bones.


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