Oh the times, they are achangin’….

January 24, 2012

So! The latest news that is new is that the Anti-Malaria Club of Bandhavgarh is now “The Global Tiger Conservation Society”. The team has gone on to new and better things! The club is also now a registered Club in India, and for that, they should be commended. Doing anything like that in India probably required HOURS of paper work. Congratulations guys!! Their mandate will be to continue with education, charity work and the preservation of the tiger, in their native Tala. I am very proud of them for the initiative it took to sort this out.
I plan to go back this summer, and see what’s what, and what the club is doing.
Another piece of news–if you were wondering why my co-founder isnt writing? He is pursuing other interests now, and so , I am travelling on this path alone…I wish him well on his journey.
Its amazing how a ripple turns into something much bigger than was ever thought of.


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