Going back….

March 14, 2012

June 29th. I leave Toronto on British Airways and land in Delhi, India two days later. I AM SO EXCITED!! From Delhi, I will make my way to Tala, and once again hook up with the Anti Malaria Group …however, its a new and improved group now–so I can see what they have been doing, check out their work and give them my support. Its funny, because whenever I communicate with Vedant, the head honcho of the group–he asks for my ‘blessings’ as if I am Jesus or the blessed virgin…I realize of course, that he is asking for my support. Support is something I can give freely.

I plan to stay in Tala only for a few days–I am not sure at this point, if I will be bringing any donations–I will have to process how I feel about that. Maybe–maybe not. I wish I had time to stay for a few months and teach at the school. In third world countries, the way out of poverty is English. English–something we take for granted here in North America-is a pretty hot commodity.

I cant wait until I can retire and I am free to teach overseas for long periods of time-thats my dream-which I can make a reality.

Enroute to Tala, I will go to Kolkota, Varansi, Tala, then probably over to Rajhastan. I will be doing this solo–and I am thrilled. This past year has, for various reasons been the worst year of my life, and I am looking forward to the escape of travel.

Travel gets me out of my head, and introduces me to different ways of living life. Did you know that you dont HAVE to have a 9-5 existence, living from pay cheque to pay cheque to pay off the house and pay for soccer for the kids? You dont.

Thanks to a friend for the donation. The generosity of strangers never ceases to amaze me. Hopefully I am one of those strangers when its my turn to ante up.

Stay tuned….


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