This is a story about two people–a guy and a girl, who on a whim, went to Tala, India for a short volunteer stint.  What started off as a 3 week, one time thing–largely in part, to make ourselves feel good, turned into something bigger, fuller and richer.

Since we were committing time and money to these people, we decided to make it official, and make this a registered NGO ( pending). It was from here that The Mustard Seed Project grew–something that started off small, has, over the last few years grown into something larger than either one of us would have dreamed.

This journal chronicles the events of our journey from the mindset of two very different people, Laura and Imtiaz.

Laura is the teacher, loves rough travel, adventure and helping people.  She is the organizer, the ‘sees the forest’ type and Christian.

Imtiaz is the Project Manager with a masters in microbiology, loves travel and the finer things.  He is the creative mind, the ‘sees the trees’ type and Muslim.


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  1. vedant said

    Respected mam,
    very very good this website,so kind of you, many many thanks,

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