Feeding fish…..

August 20, 2011

So I’ve been thinking about that slogan-remember from the ’70s ” give a man a fish and he eats for a day, teach a man to fish and he eats for a lifetime”…I have been thinking aobut that in response to my work over the past few years with the mustardseedproject. I dont know if charity efforts like the one I described here are really helpful–perhaps I should be redirecting my efforts into something more meaningful and lasting–like teaching English. If a third work resident has english–he has the world open to him. Also, have been reading about the most recent third world scam that capitlizes on the ‘do good’ craze from bored westeners–“VOLUNTOURISM” you know, where ppl pay big bucks to volunteer –give a few hugs at an orphanage, dig a ditch or two, hand out food at a school–and they pay big bucks for the priveledge. Seems that a lot of ppl are taking advantage of this, and setting up fake NGO’s and fake orphanages–just for the cash from these ppl. Interesting dilemna. Will explore this later in future posts.