JULY 2008


pens, pencils, notepads, sewing kits, stuffed animals, tennis balls, balloons, dolls, shoes, socks, clothes, rulers, calculators, books, watches, tape, games, used lap top


TOTAL: 550$ was collected for the purchase of school uniforms

100 uniforms were purchased ( approximately 5$ per uniform)

approximately 50$ was lost due to currency exchanges

JULY 2009

No material goods were collected to bring over.

TOTAL: 775$ cash collected for the purchase of Mosquito Nets via the Anti-Malaria Club of Bandhavgarh

375$ was spent for the purchase of 125 nets ( approximately 3$ per net)– July 2009

25$ was given to the ANTI-MALARIA CLUB OF BANDHAVGARH for operating expenses  ( badges and paper supplies)

300$ was spent for the purchase of 100 nets –February 2010

25$ was spent on transportation costs to outlying villages for net distribution

approximately 50$ was lost due to exchange rates


525$ Was collected from the London, Seventh Day Adventist Church


525$ will be converted to Indian Rupees. This money will be spent on Nets and School Sports Equipment for the poorer schools in the region.

Total of 825$ Canadian Dollars ( the original 525$ Plus an extra 300$)
After exchange, this resulted in 36,000INR
With this, I purchased:
96 100% wool blankets
15 Cricket sets
15 soccer balls
Gave Anti Malaria Club 23$ operating expenses
Transportation to villages: 35$

July 2012

700$ Canadian

14 bikes at 50$ a bike

Total amount spent on bikes.

The purchase of bike pumps ( 4) soccer balls (4) was from my own funds.


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